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 Lowctech can customize the size and capacity of lithium batteries.

Lithium battery customization features: what are the functions of the lithium battery equipment used by the customer, what is the voltage and capacity of the lithium battery, and other basic parameters need to be provided.

Lithium battery size and capacity customization: The voltage and capacity of lithium batteries can be customized according to customer requirements.

Lithium battery customization specific process:

1. Introduction of customer needs

2. Feasibility study and then project approval

3. Overall product design and review

4. Design verification and review

5. Process verification and introduction of trial production

6. Product certification test

7. Project mass production

Lowctech, as a 12-year lithium battery integrated customization solution provider, can not only provide customers with battery cell, battery structure, BMS and other monomer customization services, but also meet customer battery integration (cell + BMS + structure) customization needs, Lowctech can provide detailed and optimal lithium battery customized solutions according to customer needs, and provide customers with high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service.


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