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Lowctech lithium batteries have many applications:

Portable Devices
Small size, high energy density requirements
When printing documents, the discharge current is large and the standby current is small
Li-Ion and Lipo batteries are usually used, and some customers also use LiFePO4 batteries.
Voltage is 3.7V-7.4V
Plus protection board
Part with shell, part with PVC, lead out the plug or wire

GPS system, tracker, fleet management
Small size, high energy density
Usually Lipo batteries are used
Voltage is 3.7V
Plus protection board
lead out the plug or wire

Home energy storage
Home energy storage consists of a battery that allows you to store surplus electricity for later consumption, and when combined with solar power generated by your photovoltaic system, the batteries allow you to store energy generated during the day for use around the clock.
LiFePO4 battery 16S 200Ah

Epidemic Prevention Robot
Such applications are less weight sensitive and lithium iron phosphate batteries can be used.
Capacity up to 100Ah, with RS485 communication

Telecom Base Station Battery
Use LiFePO4 battery to replace lead acid battery. It will be much more longer cycle life.


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